​​​​​​AVON CA$H for GOLD 

How does the process work? 

- Bring in anything you would like for us to check out. You can sit at our counter and watch as we sort your items into piles based on their metal purity (10K/14K/18K). We will then weigh your items on our scale. We will make you an offer based on weight, metals, and daily market value. You can take your items with you at no cost and no obligation if you choose. If you would like to sell your goods, and are at least 18 years old, all we need is a photo ID to fill out a short receipt and we pay you in CA$H on the spot.

Contact us:

(317) 268-4963


Frequently Asked Questions

​Local family owned & operated for over a DECADE!

What stones do you buy?

- Currently we are only buying diamonds.  There is not a large enough market in colored gems and pearls resale for purchasing. Usually there is no deduction taken on the weight of the colored stones, unless they are a visibly significant portion of something. If requested, we will try our best to remove the gems for you to keep, however, cannot guarantee that they will not break in the process.  

What if I do not know whether my items are real or fake?

-We are more than willing to take a look at anything questionable and let you know.  We also have special acid that can determine if an item is solid gold, silver, or platinum and what karat. We have a tester that will tell you if your diamonds are genuine or not, as well.  Feel free to bring in anything.